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At Hastings Heavy Vehicle Repairs, we are proud to offer a wide range of services that will help you keep your vehicle running at its very best. Our goal is to ensure our customers are satisfied, and that’s why we keep our technicians at the forefront of the latest training and technology. We have years of experience in working with all manner of heavy vehicles, ranging from four-wheel drives to marine engines and even plant equipment. Our team is comfortable handling everything from routine maintenance to performing the most complex repairs.

Our full range of services includes everything you need to ensure your vehicles are in prime condition when you need them. We offer:
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Whether you need a major or a minor repair, we can provide the work you need to get it done right. Our team is professionally trained in all aspects of vehicle repairs, and we have the tools and diagnostics to help us find the source of your problems as quickly as possible. We understand that any time your vehicles are down, you aren’t making money. Because of this, we work hard to get you back on the road in as little time as possible.

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All vehicles need routine servicing to make sure they continue operating efficiently and productively. We provide routine maintenance to keep your vehicles or equipment in prime condition. This includes services such as oil changes, filter changes and adding lubrication. We also perform thorough inspections to catch any smaller issues before they become big problems.

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Fleet maintenance

We can help you develop a maintenance schedule for your fleet that will keep your vehicles in top condition. We’ll keep you on the road, so you can keep your employees working, earning and doing what they do best.

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Mechanic Repair a Truck — Hasting Heavy Vehicle Repairs in Port Macquarie, NSW

Spare Parts


Spare parts sales

For servicing and repairs, you will eventually need spare parts for your heavy vehicles. We have a range of parts in stock at affordable prices. If you need a part that we don’t carry or isn’t in ... Read more
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Registration services

Heavy vehicles need to be registered according to Australian law like any other vehicle. We can help with your registration to ensure it is done properly and within the right timeline. Our team is ... Read more